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NOAH - Mul Baskets


Different from traditional basket, it can store all kinds of big and small things. The cutting board can also put in boardside.


According to different condiment, the upper the upper storage boxes can easily adjust height which make in suitable for high and low cabinet. The storage boxes can be taken away from the basket and put on anywhere with the condiment together.


The bottom base is made up by high quality stainless steel with brushed surface.. To ensure durability and safety, the upper box is made by environmental plastic. The high-quality steel slider can pass the GS 50000 times moving test.


Reccommendations: store knife, knife board, seasoning products, drinks, cooking utensils,etc

Load Weight

Playload: Max load capacity is 30kgs.

Art. No. Cabinet Width*Depth*Height Description
306071 400 mm 315*470*468 mm -------
306072 450 mm 335*470*468 mm -------